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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

I love this game and want to beat it so bad, But its really really hard. I Hope for a part 2 ^_^ I love this game. I would ask that part 2 be a little bit easier so im not smashing my keyboard trying to jump off walls lol. Im so going to beat this thing.

this game is very amazing and hiqh quality sprites, you know, i've been waiting for games like this in years and it finally had came, somehow i learn much more tricks and i just hope this game will get more better, i really like it, but maybe there's a chance that the game would be more detailed and stuff like that, thanks for the game! never dissapoint me!

Man! I really loved it! Nice music, really epic and epic boss battle. I didn't expect the final countdown (lol) so I died hahaha i was celebrating my victory, but anyway really nice game. Nice graphics. Controls are a little awkward sometimes but who cares I totally enjoyed playing this.

A sequel to this would be great, perhaps in the same story line of castlevania 2 without the bad mechanics. It was challenging, short but not too short and lots of fun.

Good, but less than perfect.
The game itself is perfect, except for the boss.
I was expecting a healthbar atleast. But hey, still great game!