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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

The game is well made but damn that difficulty is so cheap

jumping precisely to shoot an enemy thats not in front of you is not fun, I really dislike these old school controls

level design and enemy placement is done precisely to infuriate and punish you

Really a game for retro hardcore platformer lovers

I didn't like it at all but I know to recognize effort, also, movement is nicely tight

Great little game. With all the amazing AAA+ titles being made lately, it's good to strip back to the basics. One level, one map, knowing there's some way to get to the boss at the top :) Thanks for the experience.

I am deducting a star because of that spikey wall jump. Fuck you for that. In all seriousness, that was uncalled for. I couldn't find a proper technique for making it through there without smacking into at least two of the spikes. Was that segment designed with no way to avoid taking damage, or was I just not patient enough to find it, I wonder. Otherwise, great game.

The art and atmosphere are fantastic. The controls feel a bit old and I also miss some kind of tutorial, it's to open at the beginning imo

Great game! kinda reminds me of terraria.