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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

Seemed like a good game. Although this is the first game I've seen anywhere, where the "when you get hit and start to flash, you should have temporary invisibility" is done wrong.

I get that when you get hit you lose a life/heart/hp but after that, you should start flashing and that makes you invulnerable for a few seconds, then when the flashing stops you're vulnerable again.

That's how it was like in the original castlevania games. It helped with strategy and is pretty traditional in all other metroidvania type games as well.

Also sometimes when I press up, my character doesn't feel like climbing stairs and just stands there. Wall jump is terrible too. I guess I'm just more used to the old MegaMan Games style of wall jump where the distance of the wall jump is controlled by the direction you press & hold instead of a fixed distance & direction like the one you decided to use...

It was too hard, didn't even make it half way through.

After trying a section 40 times or so and finally making it past thinking "ok, I don't have to do that ever again" 30 seconds later I now have to do it again, but then make another annoying wall jump combo.

After about 10 minutes of dieing to the same thing over and over, it was no longer fun. Would of liked to keep going, but the amount of perfect timing required is too unrealistic.

Shitty controls, constant lag.
I will give it 1 star.

The game is extremely too hard to play, the enemies respawn after your death at a save point which makes the progress of advancing rather difficult, some health items are out of reach and unable to be obtained..game would be better if the difficulty was toned down just a bit. Gave it 1 star for the effort.

I give you one for the concept of Castlevania, but using the keyboard is too difficult for me. Would be a lot easier if t was xbox remote friendly.