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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

Really good game, but I have one recommendation. Put in a check point past the bosses defeat, so you don't have to redefeat the boss every time you fail at escaping. I had to kill that bastard THREE times before I manged to make my way out, and I am not even sure if the game registered it as me escaping alive as there was nothing different in the ending.

(Sorry for my english, I'm not a native english speker !)

Excellent game ! I love trying to achieve the best time possible and finding tricks to go faster =) !
I found a very interesting glitch (speedrunly speaking) that allows you to "clone" your hero, and even if I don't want it to be patched (it is so fun and I'm sure it can lead to insane times), I have to tell you :

if you retry at the same time than your death (may be frame perfect, but I'm really not sure. It is quite difficult to do), the death sound is played twice and you now control 2 heroes, one over the other. You take double damage while your heroes are superposed, but if you die, only one will be teleported to the save point and so you'll be able to really control both. Unfortunatly, the camera follows only one hero and, if you want the "shift" button to work, you must have an odd number of heroes (but you take even more damage). The enemies will detect only one hero, ignoring the other.

I am currently enjoying playing with that glitch, trying to use this to beat the game in the fastest possible way (one hero goes for the walljump upgrade while the other is on the way to the double jump, for exemple) and would be sad if it was fixed =( xD !

~MetalFox Dioxymore

The music, the graphics, what a cute game! I haven't beaten it yet, but I hear the boss battle is AWESOME! The controls are a bit hard to use without W A S D, but it's fine by me. This game deserves an AWESOME award.

Death mode is on spot difficulty (Very hard but doable).

I have spent sooooo much time playing this. The art style is charming, the physics are spot on, the difficulty is perfect, and the game is just downright enjoyable. I had a blast getting all the achievements, and I hope you make more games like this in the future!