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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

This game is so awesome I love it !

I like it but i can't defeat it.

I love it. It's really challenging. I'll probably never get all the medals. It's definitely not a game that you can complete in one sitting. The visuals are great and the music is wonderful.

I say 5 stars because it was pretty nostalgic. The 'metroidvania' description doesn't lie. I'm a fan of both. It really did have a relative feeling to Symphony of the Night, and I hope that's what you were going for. Enemy placement and behaviors reflected from Castlevania and Metroid and I liked that. There were parts I still haven't got past that are making me cuss in tongues, but I won't hold it against you. I think that's where the unlimited lives and frequent checkpoints come into play. If you had 3 lives and random checkpoints, the difficulty would near the impossible or too frustrating to play. Personally, I don't play webgames well on a keyboard. If I used a handheld controller, playability would change. In conclusion, this game has alot of promise. In Castlevania, you choose your difficulty via a path. Metroid could have also offered that as well, but didn't. This game has that possibility. If I were to suggest any change it would be the ability to choose a difficulty via path like Castlevania. This game is the beautiful bastard that came from two gorgeous parents. I love it.

That was FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you so much for creating it.