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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

I say 5 stars because it was pretty nostalgic. The 'metroidvania' description doesn't lie. I'm a fan of both. It really did have a relative feeling to Symphony of the Night, and I hope that's what you were going for. Enemy placement and behaviors reflected from Castlevania and Metroid and I liked that. There were parts I still haven't got past that are making me cuss in tongues, but I won't hold it against you. I think that's where the unlimited lives and frequent checkpoints come into play. If you had 3 lives and random checkpoints, the difficulty would near the impossible or too frustrating to play. Personally, I don't play webgames well on a keyboard. If I used a handheld controller, playability would change. In conclusion, this game has alot of promise. In Castlevania, you choose your difficulty via a path. Metroid could have also offered that as well, but didn't. This game has that possibility. If I were to suggest any change it would be the ability to choose a difficulty via path like Castlevania. This game is the beautiful bastard that came from two gorgeous parents. I love it.

The art and atmosphere are fantastic. The controls feel a bit old and I also miss some kind of tutorial, it's to open at the beginning imo

The aestetics is great and the level design is amazing.

However, the controls are too sloppy, or rather unforgiving, to deserve this kind of plateforming. I think the big problem is that you fall *fast* after a jump. A smaller gravity, not by much but still, would make aerial control way smoother, and the double jump less dodgy. Concerning the wall-jump, it just... doesn't work well. At the end I understood you're supposed to spam it? Anyway, maybe it needs a much higher curve, or a little more time when you catch the wall, hard to really pinpoint what's the problem.

Also, I don't understand the point to have mobs who take multiple hits to kill, especially on normal. There's no point making the player wait for the caterpillar to do another cycle, or making him hug a wall until he can land 5 hits on the mob above it. Making everything dies in one hit would make the game more dynamic.

I love it. It's really challenging. I'll probably never get all the medals. It's definitely not a game that you can complete in one sitting. The visuals are great and the music is wonderful.

to lordxanthus......try jumping from the opoopsite wall, i got through with one hit there and it wasnt the spikes it was the blob on that perch....goot game little longer and i would rate 5