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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

Very fun game, Nice amount of challenge. Got the clean 5 stars as i found a worker with improved acc, eats more and sleep more called Dave lister. Was perfect!

There's sure a lot of negative comments from people who don't have any clue how complex this game must have been to create.

This game is very enjoyable. I in particular thought it had some very lovely art and pixel animation, in very much the vein of the classic command and conquer games. The buildings upgraded in a visually pleasing way. I hope that there are plans for an expanded sequel with more features like that.

As others have certainly said, I think that a great deal of unnecessary frustration arises with many of the orders being more 'suggestions'. For instance, let's say there's a chunk of mineral in the way that you want colonists to focus on first (either to get out of the way or because it's not near a horde of space pirates). You can indicate that you'd like them to do that first, but they tend to just ignore that.

I'm resisting the urge to complain about there being less military emphasis, because it's not a war game it's a colonization game. That said, I hope in future expansions that there could be more in-depth mechanics (research trees, variety of perks and possibly ways to upgrade less-skilled employees and eliminate faults or earn/purchase perks, etc.)

I thought it struck an excellent balance as far as employee needs and available resources. It was a great deal of the tension and interest of the game to determine whether or not I was going to pay for less-skilled workers to amass them more quickly or save up for better ones, whether I was going to need to work on component sufficiency or food first, etc.

I thought that the tutorial mission could have been more illustrative of certain aspects, particularly addressing various needs, the functions of every building, the various perks and faults, and leveling.

I continue to find achievements where you have to guess what the game wants you to do to be frustrating, but that's a matter of taste I suppose.

All-in-all, excellent game, best of luck in your future submissions.

This game is almost IMPOSIBLE! when i strted playing i tryed to make a water pump when it was complete it put the water cables to the main station and still says offline after complete! Aslo
this game dosent have the CORRECT stuff for colinizing mars.
To get food and oxygen from trees not from a station
water is not just water. its hydrogen and oxygen
this is a total ripoff

Did... did the assistant almost say everypony? Oh my god XD that is genius!

I like the idea, but the AI is completely mad. My people go randomly attacking space pirates and there's no way to call them back, that's a big minus.

It would be good if you could add minimal controls to the colonists, especially call back if they start roaming. Also, attacking a specific target would be nice for concentrated fire. Right now you can only order building attack, but not attacks on a single person target, which makes the combat strategy very chaotic.