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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

Build pipes everywhere and still it's complaining about not getting water.

Excelent game, huge pontentiall, it need a real save option, an other little revamps for some stuff and it will be really good.

Very fun game. I love the resource collection and management part. Needs an online save function. The tutorial could be a bit better. Which resource indicators are for water and which are for metal?

This game has great potential, however it is currently frustrating as FUCK.

OBVIOUS problems with the game are as follows:
-colonists will wander deep into enemy territory to collect minerals or to chase a fleeing enemy. Having my colonists continually commit suicide is GODDAMN FRUSTRATING.
-List the current maximum storage capacity for all of the materials, like it does colonists. OBVIOUS.
-Have non-combat colonists run away from enemies THIS FUCKING YEAR.
-Have a better way to tell when colonists are in need of something without having to go into the jobs menu or click on them specifically, perhaps and indicator above the head.
-Have mineral and water extractors movable, so you don't have to demolish and rebuild them when the resource runs out.
-TELL PEOPLE that you can hold SHIFT when you click on colonists to pick them up quickly.
-DO NOT restrict my ability to build structures close together. So what if idiots make mistakes? They will learn eventually. However this restriction RUINS my ability to build an efficient base design or put multiple material/water extractors close together to harvest resources that are packed together in the ground.

Fix these, or at least MOST of these, and this game will earn a 4-5 star rating from me. I really wish I could give it one, but the flaws ruin the experience that would otherwise be awesome.

I like this game. but freeplay and sandbox button in the title.