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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

Interesting game, but: a good defense is toooooo hard to get... 1 or 2 raiders, and my defense building die.

Moreover, we can't change the place for water and electricity plugs, i don't like this...

This game could be better!

I played the game all the way through. I really like what you have here. The game has massive potential and I could see a possible release for smart phones too. Love how it's setup and love how the game play works. A more comprehensive instruction guide would definitely help as to start, playing can be confusing. A save button is a must, it's hard to play this whole game through one sitting. As for the future, I can see more missions, new buildings, unit customization, new units (Such as vehicles and special unit types) and a multiplayer/versus mode. I look forward to more of your work, great job and thanks for the game!

I think it is almost a really good game but it seems on the instructions they spent more time trying to make it funny than informative, it needs better instructions the AI's need to be less useless and the fact that it didn't tell you at ALL how to connect up the buildings with wires didn't help.

I am with the others on the lack of a in-depth instruction guide, however i see massive potential in this game, it reminds me somewhat of sim city 4. make a sequel with a much more in depth instruction guide, then you can see alot more 5s coming your way, as well as introduce hostiles once the player can handle them, say after 3 or 4 missions instead of on the second one.

I really wanted to enjoy this game. I think almost everything about it is brilliant except for the colonist behaviour. It took months to build anything even when they only had build/repair selected. The personal module upgrade also should've been better at defending. As I said the other aspects were excellent but because it was so frustrating and time-consuming it made this game unenjoyable and hence the poor score.