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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

this game had a lot of potential but it's completely squandered with poor instructions and poor programing. i sat an waited as months and months of game time passed, watching my colonists die because they refused to build wires, and also long waits while everyone dies and deserts while i wait for a building to unlock, with no explanation anywhere as to why i cannot build it yet.

It's a great RTS/management game, BUT you have got to give us a save option.

Otherwise, the sprite gifs seem to work okay so far. If you would add some more, then it would be even much greater! (BTW, why not bringing in some more building upgrades?)

good game

this game is great, but ive run into huge issues with controlling the colonists properly... i left this sitting here for 30 minutes straight with everyone set to build, but my workers still hadn't finished building one segment of electrical wiring, effectively killing everyone in my colony or forcing them to desert for lack of food/ oxygen. It seems as though they spend much more time just wandering around doing nothing than the actual jobs they are supposed to perform.
Also: even when every unit was set on guard, i found that the combat was incredibly luck based and shots fired seemed completely random/sporadic. Essentially, i think this is awesome and i had a good time, but you really need to make sure the colonists are actually within the player's control. after playing a couple of levels, i started to just leave every job on for every colonist, because otherwise i found that it took a ridiculous amount of time to accomplish anything.

This game was very entertaining, if a bit on the short side. I enjoyed the somewhat tenuous nature of your colony's safety, and while I feel the game wasn't cruel enough to me and the enemies lacked a bit of aggression, it was still sufficiently engaging. Another minor quip would be that the colonists ignore resources inside disabled buildings. They could at least take the stuff out of it for use towards other things. The game just kinda sorta here and there reminds me of Dwarf Fortress. Just a tad.

tl;dr Great game, just needs a tiny bit of polish.