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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

Fantastic Game!! i thoroughly enjoyed playing, the only things I can think of to improve this already great game would be to add a sandbox mode with:
- bigger map
- randomly generating mineral deposits, so it doesn't all run out after a while
- randomly generating enemy bases

its a good game buy my people keep getting bugged on the first level saying they are protecting the colony but are just walking around

While I really like this game, and the versatility that comes with it - the fact that the workers do not care which things should be build first makes it - at least for me - quite hard to play.
Not only that, I had a game where I lost, because instead of bringing iron to the factory, they decided to carry food instead...

5/5 10/10.
For a flash minigame as strategy game this is as awesome as it gan get!

Now, get us some larger levels and a 1 vs 1 mode against a computer AI with the same building skills as us!

Also nice would be to add fog of war, to make things more frightening :D

dont abandon it! You re on the very right way ! Maybe later onwards add Aliens and other planets / moons ? :D 6 Missions and a bonus mission are a BIT few, although they kept me busy for quite a while ! Kepp it up ! :D

Awesome game, very addicting! I would love to see more of this :) More levels! More AI !

I didn't get the point of having Research Centers though, do they do anything?