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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

How do i get my air and food buildings online?

love it! im so addicted!

I love this game! One bad thing though. My builders stop building at a certain point in mission 5. I purchase buildings and they won't even touch them. Can't wait until that gets fixed. Besides that, this is my favorite game I've played in a while.

Love pretty much every single aspect of this game, keep up the great work!

Very neat game that I am enjoying quite a lot right now...
BUT, please update the worker's programming so that they have a higher priority for building pipes/cables. I had ppl leave my colony because nobody could be bothered to connect the hydroponic plant to the grid or hook up the powerplant etc.
It really is no fun when you have all the buildings finished, but there is no water or electricity to run the things, just because the workers are doing anything but lay pipes/cables...