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Reviews for "The Guardian"

I loved it, i really did. But i abandoned it after 20 minutes because it's sooooooo slooooooow. It was horrible. I really liked art and the direction that story was going but it was so terribly boring that i just quit, i got better things to do than to walk through the same location over and over again.

well, this game was very good, and well-done, especially if you consider that it managed to capture our attention, and interest in the story, despite all the characters being 1-pixel each, and a huge, pixely-designed universe, with large, vast-endless roads, and with the only thing that is bigger than1-pixel to be the buildings, and the guardian.

so, 10 for originallity in design. because despite it's lack of graphics, the story managed to captivate you.

again, 10 for the story, since it was so sad, so true, and so touching, since it was about friendships and life and death.

the ending was good.
i chose to avenge him.

still, the BAD thing of the game is:
the EXTREMELY SLOW gameplay. even the best, and most eager-of-gamers cannot stay and stick around with this game, for a while. i know, that sometimes, games are not for the action, but for the feeling, or for the lesson, that they can teach us, but this one was so slow, that i almost lost my interest in this.
and the fact that you have to play this AGAIN from the start in order to get the second ending?
it's incredibly hard, truly a test of patience.

my suggestions, would be, to simply make the boy/ and the guardian to move a bit faster in the landscape, to also make the ''berries'' quest to have some hints as to WHAT you must collect, since the ''berries'' were just a small tiny, ''white-flashing pixel''. noone can see that!
so, give us some hints, or a hints option, on how to find the ''berries'' in the ''berries'' quest.
lastly, the movement of the characters, should be faster, like the boy's and the guardian's, and ofcourse, if you completed the first ending, there should be an option, allowing, to replay the last chapter, and play the ending differently, in order to see the other ending.
maybe, something like a button with ''play from last chapter again'' or soemthign, to help you see the ending, WITHOUT having to play all the game, all-over again.

what i say is, that this game is GOOD, the story is GREAT and touching (it really is great), but this game is harmed by it's overall slow speed, and no option in repleying the last chapter.

I liked the story line and simplicity. but the game went by pretty slow and didn't care for how you have to replay the game all over again for the 2nd ending.

Interesting History... The simplicity makes it most attracting... The song relaxes the player... In other words... Nice Game...

This game is a nice piece of story but again, the pacing is way too slow. It took me 45 minutes or a bit less to complete this. Also considering there are supposedly two endings you have to do it again which causes you a waste of time. otherwise a nice story.