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Reviews for "The Guardian"

This game has a great message and is very well-made. You managed to convey a lot of emotion with just one pixel and words, and the jumping gameplay was very well done. The only complaint that I have, and the reason I'm not giving this the 5 stars that it should deserve, is that the giant's section of the game took entirely too long. I understand that there was a need to convey that he was a lumbering creature that hadn't moved in who knows how long and moved very deliberately, but there comes a certain point where the speed so slow that it takes away from the enjoyment of the game. Even though I have a pretty good guess as to how to earn the second medal (got Destroyer in my playthrough) and wouldn't mind repeating the jumping scenes, the giant's section is just tedious enough to keep me from wanting to play again. Again, a beautiful game with great gameplay, but the final section drags on just a bit too long.

Did anyone else try to herd the villagers into one pixel at the beginning?
I thought the cut scenes and the movement took too long, the map should have been shorter. I liked the climbing, it was skilfully done to simulate ledge leaping climbing using only a pixel. I hate to sound uncultured but it was a little boring (I don't know what you could do to stop this). The music wasn't always playing made it awkward sometimes.

To summarise, it was a nice story well told with clever gameplay but a bit too many pauses and long awkward hold-down-arrow-key-while-you-slowly-
loose-interest moments.

Very good game, although the movement speed for the guardian is way too slow. The last section took so long that I honestly didn't go back to get the second medal...

The story, the music the artwork. It all works. I especially like how much feeling you were able to convey with just one pixel. GrEAT!!!!!

I really like the story but it reminds me a little too much of the iron giant, a animated movie.