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Reviews for "The Guardian"

game is fine, controls are somewhat frustrating...

The plot of the game didn't make much sense to me. Why was the boy so different from everyone else? Also when the giant gets to the town nothing happens and the game ends.

Too slow, but I enjoyed this game !!

a) I can't unlock the Destroyer medal !!
b) It would be better with a "close ending", not an endless path.

I like the aesthetics of it, and the story is good (though obvious). But good god, that is one slow moving giant. It really kills the mood when it takes over 5 minutes getting there, only showing landscapes we've already seen, just pressing that button.

Wonderful, slow, and emotional. You are given the plot, and then you create the world through your imagination. You are given the people, and you create their personalities. You are given life, and death, and you are to make sense of it.
It was slow? That helped make the game, in my opinion.
Absolutely wonderful. Five stars, all the way.