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Reviews for "The Guardian"

Simple game but struck emotions I did not expect it to! Any clues for the wandered secret medal?!

I really like the art style of the game and the way it tells the story. But I seem to have encountered a bug at the very end of the game. When I finally got back to the village and the one villager shot at me, the game stopped taking input. None of the movement keys, space bar, mouse, etc did anything and there was no prompt. So that was a major waste of however long that took, not that ten points for a single ending taking that long would be worth it anyway. A game like this with the length it has should have some sort of save system - between scenes would be perfect.

The gameplay overall I felt was unnecessarily repetitive. Controls were solid and movement was pretty good, but you go over the same areas multiple times and getting the giant all the way across the map at the end takes WAY too long.

the potency per pixel is high with this one

Beautiful story and atmosphere... The people were little dots, but the story was still pretty deep even with flat visuals

I'm always searching for this type of games, simple yet meaningful, but they're super hard to find because a lot of people underrate them. And that kinda sucks.