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Reviews for "The Guardian"


Great game.... You should put some more story lines.....

Not a fun game, but definitely a good one. Navigating the terrain was, at times, very frustrating, but not impossible and contrasted well with the Guardian's ability to simply plow through in its slow deliberate pace. These movement schemes may not have bumped up the thrill factor, but they communicated the scale differential in a very visceral manner.

As much as I would like to enjoy the game for its minimalistic aesthetics and message, the wordless fashion of the message's delivery is the only good point I can find about the experience. For much of the game, the platforming is painful and you have to constantly abuse the midair turn to get anywhere. The locations are uninspired - you have to go through the same area four times, then another area twice. Finally, the highlight of the game - the section where you control the guardian - is so painfully sluggish that I ended up almost sleeping through sections of it.

Although it's true that a video game can become art through its story alone, expressing that story through gameplay can only work if the game itself is good. Much as I hate to say it, this game is bad enough to actually distract from its message.

Very slow and repetitive, but it was still a game.