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Reviews for "The Guardian"

Glad you didn't make the player have to kill the villagers.

Not bad, the music was pretty good and sad, and the story was very sad. But it's too repetitive, having to run to the giant multiple times.

The game has a great atmosphere. The story, the music and the art style all fit together to move you. The slowness of the game is an obvious design decision in this regard, however from a game play point of view, it was disasterous. The game simply takes to long.

From having to run to the giant multiple times, to having to hold the left arrow key for 5 minutes (the giant part). It makes a really poor gaming experience. I understand it is deliberate to set the mood, but it is boring and tedious. Also the art style makes it hard to see who you are, where you are and what you are supposed to be doing. Especially the berry hunting parts were annoying. You do not know what you are supposed to be doing, it is hard to spot the berries, and difficult to get to. The Japanse character certainly do not help. To be honest, I think it is idiotic to use Japanse characters to explain the controls in an otherwise English game, on an English website, aimed at an internation public.

In short, it is great piece of story telling, but a horrible piece of gaming.

good game, but not in the best category. The gameplay was too repetitious and the music didn't bring me the game emotion and just got me freaked out instead of be sad. The story i got to say, saved the game, but the music and gameplay just damaged the game. The art vision is good, but was annoying to look where the boy was in the mountains.

Great story,very good songs and nice graphics. You should have put the game in adventure not platfrom. I gave it 3.5 stars just because of the story. The japanese symbols throughout the game were unnecessary and at first i didn't even know what was i supposed to do. if you're making a tutorial in a game you simply must make it resonable. maybe you were trying to make game a little more difficult and old school but that's not the way to do it. old game had or hadn't tutorials. i didn't even know how am i controling in the beginning. you should have put a little more effort in this game. also controles are not that good. beside story,song and graphics not a very good game and that's a shame.