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Reviews for "The Guardian"

man if only they come out with the last guardian already...

Very nice game - but the controlls sometimes are really frustrating me, just when you have to climb the trees, so enough critism. This game was very enjoyable and i think its very cool to make a game with only a few colors and the player itself is only a pixel - love it.

its amazing what you can accomplish when you have the right story and mood. You don't need great graphics to make a great game. Well done. I will be looking out for more of you work.

The story, the music the artwork. It all works. I especially like how much feeling you were able to convey with just one pixel. GrEAT!!!!!

I'm always searching for this type of games, simple yet meaningful, but they're super hard to find because a lot of people underrate them. And that kinda sucks.