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Reviews for "The Guardian"

5/5 for me 'cause is really awesome but I can't manage to finish it!
The giant (and the game) suddenly stop when the villagers throw that arrow things to him and I'm not able to move it using arrow keys, spacebar or enter key.. What I have to do? I have already replay it two times and it even block itself at that point.. Just explain me if I have to wait a lot for go on or it's a bug.. I HAVE TO KNOW how the game ends! :'(

VOEC responds:

I'm really sorry for that. That was a bug. It's unfortunate that it happened twice. :(
I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway and I apologize that you couldn't finish it.

Simply Superb. There may be no colour and it can be slow at times (in comparison to other games at least) but has a lot of heart and emotion. And frankly, that's all the game needs.

The design of the game is simple but engaging.
The controls are ok, although I found myself press space to jump a lot at the beginning but that's more me the a fault of the game because I stopped doing it after while.

One critic is that I found myself saying "this to going to be like the film "Iron Giant"" and I was sort of right. Although thinking that, the end still had a lot of emotional punch.

My opinion on the slow gameplay:
The movement of the Guardian is fine as it is. It's slow, hulking movements gives it a sense of scale. It looks and feels like a giant. And I didn't see anything wrong with the movement of the boy at all. He moved as I expected he would and almost the same as other games.

This is the saddest game I have ever played. And the best. Nice job! 5/5

dis game got a n***a in deep thought, itz hard 2 play dis game if u aint got patience, but itz kool so i fk wid it

It is pretty sad that people leave the game because it is quiet and colourless. This is the kind of game that give someone a peaceful time playing and make time one think. I love it.