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Reviews for "The Guardian"

what should i do when i am on the giant the second time?

VOEC responds:

Raise the giants arm (Up/W) all the way up and wait for a few birds to land on his hand.

now this is a pretty damn good game but i have lots o problems with it 1.the ending is as crapy as an asshole
2.the game is slower then a snail.
and last but not least 3.it doesnt make sense
but besides those it awsome

I really wanted to like this game, but I couldn't deal with the slow pace. EsPECially with the giant part. How does he move slower than the main character did? Ugh, it was truly awful that part.

Because of the slowness, this game has zero replay value for me. And it's a shame too, because otherwise, I really enjoyed it.

Ungodly boring. Going to the giant only to have my reward be to be sent back and go back again is downright offensive. It's wouldn't be so bad if your characters sprite didn't blend into the background and if the jumping controls weren't so stiff and jerky. If you're going to have the story move a snails pace, at least have some gameplay. I feel this could have been very good, but unfortunately it's just boring and repetitive.

As far as these art games go it's not that bad, but seriously how do you make a giant monster rampage seem so slow and tedious?