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Reviews for "The Guardian"

Beautiful game. I really liked how you made this unique, However, you could have*SPOILER* improved on the bits where you had to get to the giant ****SPOILER END**** Now, all else otherwise, pretty damn, good. I'm not gonna go and say "Oh I can do better YOLO durr!!!" because I can't and that would be an asshole move. Like I said, good job, Definitely a good game.

It's a nice story with a well-delivered message. The platforming was good, but a bit repetetive (although that seemed like one of the main story-telling ways through gameplay). It's perfect for a little arty flash game.

Jesus Christ the game is so slow it takes like 10 hours to get to the monster and another five to wait for the thing to open his eyes then get him some white squares then go all the way back

I liked the story but It was let down on the lack of constant flowing music, when the music stopped it broke the atmosphere. Personally I didn't like how you had to run all the way back to the giant each time, I wouldn't of minded if travelling was more exciting and fun but it was basically just a jumping puzzle which wouldn't of been as bad if you weren't made to do the same jumps over and over again. The only reason I am giving you 2.5 stars is on the basis that it reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus my favourite game of all time.

This game is great! The storyline that isn't too deep actually took it to a level
where you could understand the whole thing in a few minutes.
I mean playing as the guardian was a bit slow, but that was one of the very few problems
I had with this game.
I could only wish the music was playing the entire game, it had a better ending, and it
moved a bit more quick.