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Reviews for "The Guardian"

Awesome! Don't think I need to explain why :)

For those of us who are willing to put forth the extremely demanding... 1% (God, I know, right? Just totally broke the game. Totally.) Extra bit of effort needed to complete your journeys as the boy will find a rather simple yet deep plot line waiting for them. This is not a game designed to make you play. It is one structured from the outside-in to make you think- the short story "The Lottery" comes to mind, because when the story hits the transition from boy to giant, you're left with a choice, and in that way it forces you to think of human nature- and what to do in the wake of your tragedy. To those who buy into the plot, this is an engrossing, amazing work for that alone. For those others who simply didn't get into it... Well, whatever man.

Great job. Keep it up.

Perfect music for the story and atmosphere of the game. It shows how small we are compared to the rest of the world and when we find someone like ourselves it is special.

A very interesting game to say the least.

Towards the end we see (who I assume to be the boy) die in front of the giant. The giant only knows that his only friend and the one who he constantly protected is gone. The giant realizes that the villagers must have had something to do with this and sets off for them.

However, when you arrive at the village a few questions should dawn on you.

Do these people who tremble in fear deserve death? Is it not human nature to fear what is different?

Also, how do you preserve the boy's memory? Do you use the strength he gave you through the berries and leave his memory in destruction? Or do you preserve the memory by wandering as a way of showing what the boy gave you?

The simplicity of this game only makes these questions more prevalent when you arrive at the village.

I choose to leave the village alone. When I broke down the gates of the village i realized I had broken what made the villagers so bitter. The gates united the villagers and made them hateful of what was different than them. Now they could have a second chance to redeem themselves and learn the accept different people.

Because this game was made to illustrate this message and not to have great gameplay I rate it at 5 stars.

Thank you for making a great game with such a powerful message behind it! I hope to see more work from you in the future :)

I from taiwan and you ?