Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"


i expirence the same chest glitch

Good old school game

An overall good game. Maybe a little too easy (The boss is a real challenge comparing to the journey...)

Some people overestimate the number of bugs : I can read some people who don't understand some tricks :
-You needn't a special weapon to beat the boss, it's all about strategy... Think about it for a while... (Hint : You have a shield)
-There is a way to save Hilda and to really finish the game, that's OBVIOUS (Hint : you can craft items)

Decent Game, But Many Bugs and Glitches

Overall the game seems well done, but changing between rooms is slow, and there are many other glitches. Nothing was too troublesome, but I just had to restart the game, because I landed on a treasure chest, and could not jump off. Glitches that force the player to restart the game are always bad. Fix this game! ASAP!!!

Cannot complete game

Saving Hilda doesn't actually end the game so that's a load. This game isn't complete and it needs much debugging.

Got to the final room but...

I didn't have the right item to beat the boss. Unfortunately every time I die I come back to the last room before you jump down into the pit, so I couldn't get back to the shops.

There are so, so many bugs. You really shouldn't have released it until you'd fixed them all. They ruin an otherwise very enjoyable game.