Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"


Bugs are everywhere and it's really annoying because... this game could be great! I couldn't finish game because after exiting room with Hilda everything went dark and after 60 seconds game... restarted? Merchant started talking to me like during first game, but I still had all my items.
I don't want to try finish game once more to see if there is working ending...
So sad. Game could be so good...

Fun Game

Great game, kindof glitchy at times where you have to restart, but not all that often. one time i was able to open a chest over and over, the music shut off, and i was just before the boss, i reset to try and fix and it took me back to the beginning of the castle and the entire castle reset, but at least my items were still in my inventory, ps if you get a cursed ring , you are able to make another one, i tried to sell but it ended up only giving me 999 gold instead of 9999, and now it is available to purchase???? Kindof weird, unless i'm missing something.

Can't mute.

I can't mute the music in-game. There is an audio off button in the pause menu, but it only restarts the music. I'd rather not mute my computor just because I don't want to listen to the music track of the game. No offence, but most flash game tunes annoy the crap out of me.

not bad game though.

this is a cool game.

my girlfriends name is hilda.

Boss Key IN the Boss Room

Don't get me wrong with the 4 stars and such, the game itself is great. I like the music, graphics, story, ect... The concept and game play (except for the lag, but that may just be my laptop) is pretty good, but a tad repetitive (ironic for the "random" layout.) The biggest issues here though are the CONSTANT GLITCHES!
The first play through, I had no problems, but I didn't really know that I had to craft a ring, so I defeated the boss without the ring.
After the castle reset and I made the ring, the boss key ended up being IN the boss's room. Redundant, right? I reset the map and the new one was even worse. The new map had keys, boss keys and rooms set in random places not even connected to anything. There were even keys on rooms that didn't have keys. I kept resetting the maps, but after 8 tries, I gave up.
I reloaded the game hoping for better maps. Well, the maps were less glitchy. There were no random rooms and/or keys in space and the keys were actually in the rooms with keys on them, but the boss key was STILL in the boss's room.
This is VERY irritating, and it's the ONLY thing preventing me from finishing the game.

This glitch I'm about to mention wasn't a big issue (all I had to do was restart the game and it didn't happen again), but I'm going to tell you about it anyways. Whenever I opened one of the chests, it showed my item, like normal, but it kept on closing back, and not putting the item in my inventory. Like I said, it wasn't a big issue, but I'd still look into it.

It seems to me that quite a few people had problems with different glitches, so I would suggest looking it over, maybe getting more beta testers and such to help you identify the glitches.

If it wasn't for the annoying glitches this probably would've gotten around 9 to 10 stars.

Any how, all you really need to do is fix the glitches. Other than that, great game. I hope you make more, and have a great day. :3