Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

awesome game but got stuck when i jumped over a wall to a locked area :/

nice game, but got stuck after jumping over a locked block (to get to the next screen) and no going back now... Anyway reminds me of classic 2d zelda games. And that's not meant in a bad way. Cheers!

Although visually appealing (I'm pretty sure Help the Hero is based off this, or this is based off of Help the Hero), game-play is slow. Nonetheless, it's good.

Game might be bugged i got stuck at this point


A good little game that could've been great except several glitches. (1) If you hop on an unopened chest you will get stuck and be forced to either restart the castle or restart from our last check point. (2) Sometimes once you open a chest and retrieve it's contents the chest will close and you never get said item. (3) Few of the medals work properly. I completed the game once and should have gotten all of the medals due to meeting the requirements but found that I'd only been given two medals. After completing the game three times and meeting the requirements for all medals each time I still was only rewarded with a total of four of the nine medals.