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Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

A good little game that could've been great except several glitches. (1) If you hop on an unopened chest you will get stuck and be forced to either restart the castle or restart from our last check point. (2) Sometimes once you open a chest and retrieve it's contents the chest will close and you never get said item. (3) Few of the medals work properly. I completed the game once and should have gotten all of the medals due to meeting the requirements but found that I'd only been given two medals. After completing the game three times and meeting the requirements for all medals each time I still was only rewarded with a total of four of the nine medals.

Oddly, even though I've gotten the boss key twice, it isn't giving me the achievement... @-@

otherwise, fun game; boss was a bit of a shock considering how easy the rest of game was though.

i took over 9000 arrows to the knee

This is a great game, but there are a couple of glitches that may ruin the experience.
1. If you hop on top of a unopened chest, you cant get back down( meaning you will have to quit and restart to continue playing).
2. Certain medals wont show after you've earned them(which can be very annoying).
Besides those two nuisances, this is a marvelous little game.

Heres my review:

Game Overall well balanced! It was fun collecting ressources, beating enemys, and trying to gather as much money as you can. Still you could have made the enemys a bit stronger or less dumb. Also I got a few bugs, I dont know why but sometimes when I entered a room I spawned somewhere above the room and as I dropped, I died, had to restart from last checkpoint. Also when I got my cursed ring to save the princess, when I finally defeated trash and tried to leave the room with her, my game freezed. So I didnt got my medal, sad.

Overall I'll give you:
4/5 Rate
4/5 Stars

Good job, I would enjoy a second part.