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Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

Love the game, played through multiple times. I escaped with Hilda but did not receive a medal - the game said she remained! Any ideas?

got stuck on a chest maybe i'll play it again idk pissed me off. also no mute button and no pause button i usually dont ever play unmutable games all the way through because i likes me background music/shows too much

While I wouldn't say it's bad by any means there are a couple bugs and quirks that would rub me the wrong way in this game. Sometimes when I enter a room a door meant to close me in would instead close on me and take me to another room in the castle on top of a wall. The Merchant tables were also a nuisance because they would either spawn 3 close together or one at the first room and one at the last. This is not a game you can really explore either, There are never enough bronze keys to open all the doors so sometimes you have to reset and go through everything again which becomes very tiresome. And finally, My game said the Princess wass still locked away even though I assembled the ring and broke her out of the cage, Is that on purpose or what? All in all, Great art, fun and simple puzzles, interesting concepts make a good game but bugs and repetitive mechanic's do not. I'm glad I played it but I think once is enough for me.

SOOO MANY BUGS..... cool game but with bugs that ruin the gameplay... "Hey i got all the items to craft the gold ring let's talk with the shopkeeper --- i lost every single item"

Pretty good game. Loved the music. Can't say anything else.