Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

I like this game a lot. But, I'm stuck in Room 2 I destroyed all trees, bushes, and rocks. I even went back to Room 1 to see if I can get unstuck. But, nope still I'm stuck in Room 2. :S

Great, I went back to the first room to save the game, and apart from the fact that having to go back to the first room to save the game (at least, I didn't see any other way) is annoying enough per se, now the door to the next room is locked (probably due to a bug) and I only have 2 silver keys, so I'm stuck. Other than that, the navigation is a bit annoying, because you automatically jump upwards if you walk towards a higher spot, and if you don't want to do that, it is annoying because it takes a long time for the character to jump upwards and again to jump down. Actually, the jumping takes too long in general, so it's annoying either way. Come to think of it, this applies to normal navigation too. It's just too slow, so it gets tedious. Given that I couldn't really enjoy this game, I give it one star.

I lov e the game but there are some bugs. also the audio off doesnt work right

It was a pretty good Legend of Zelda style game, but there were numerous glitches that really detracted from the experience. The game generally refused to let me buy items from the shop, I occasionally got stuck entering rooms, and I got the bad ending despite wearing the Cursed Ring. And although this may not be a glitch, there were rooms on the map that I couldn't enter despite stepping on every accessible square on the screen.
On a more positive note, the music faded nicely into the background, and the whole of the experience was nice, if not amazing. Nice continuity, by the way.


I found the gameplay easy and fluid, I like the look of the game, sound is alright. I often play many of the games I play without sounds, it really depends. This one has good, but I get tired so fast, that I just listen to the humming of my computer fans than the music. (All in all, sound and music in this game is good!)

I did run to many glitches though! I was able to rescue the princess (yeah, second play, should had made that damn ring the first place, oh well), got the medal, but as I ran out of the castle, the game froze. The first time I got to the castle and battled the boss, I won but nothing happened when I approached the princess, so first time I didn't get to know about the ring.

A good game is a game that stays interesting despite these flaws I ran into. I passed the game and got all the medals!

I give four and half stars. I enjoyed the game, even though I had to refresh to whole game several times. But the save function, check points etc., helped a lot! And even though I first finished the game without saving the princess, I still got to keep all my items and that way it was a joy to continue!