Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

Cool, a little glitchy, but cool.

I enjoyed the art and overall design, especially the banana giraffe...that image will certainly haunt me for the rest of my life. A little weird here and there on the controls, but overall I enjoyed playing the game!

Button error

Nice idea makes the game entertaining but i couldnt manage to mute the games music from pause screen. It was like a nightmare everytime i try to mute it music came back again and again

Great game. Keep working.

I found this amazingly fun. Which is high praise considering I've been rather bored with games as of late. However there are still bugs and glitches to fix. One nasty glitch in particular, don't be on top of a wall that has a locked door if you have a key. You will be unable to leave the room. You will end up jumping behind the wall and therefore unable to jump back in.

Fun, but broken game

Game was pretty fun, controls were solid and bossfight was fun, if a bit tedious.
The game is pretty god damn broken though.
Finished the game, rescued the chick, but when I jumped out the exit, screen went black and was stuck on timer. Nothing happened even after timer ran out.

I was having so much fun

But then I opened a chest in one of the "?" rooms and got blue-screened.
The culprit? Critical system memory overload during flash playback.
This was the only foreground element running, and definitely the only flash element. I've run system diagnostics and stress tests, too, so I know it's not a hardware issue.

I don't know what was in the box, but apparently it needed more then 8GB of RAM to load. Which is a shame because I was genuinely enjoying the game up to that point.
It's stylish and entertaining, and the idea of an entirely randomly-geneartaed play environment that resets on the hour is nifty-as-shit.

I didn't run into any of the other bugs people have been complaining about, but I did only see one iteration of the dungeon before the BSoD, and you can argue that the one bug I DID see was pretty severe.
If it weren't for the fear of another system crash, I'd definitely play again.

So, 9 stars for the game (could get a bit repetitive at times, but not enough to make the experience boring). -5 for making me think my computer died.