Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

Liked it

I feel i cant rate it any higher because of the glitches, altought some of them are easily avoidable, for example, if you see you can walk over a door without a key, dont do it, you wont be able to come back, and dont get to close to chests, just cut them as you aproach them, cause you can get stuck inside, of course there are some more critical like in my case, the game tells me that the princess is still caged so i cant finish the game,besides that, i loved the whole scenery look and character design the game has, maybe the sword could have a little bit more range, despite that i think this game has some real future, cant wait to see it fixed

Fun, but:

Like many people have said before me there are a lot of bugs. I ran into the one where you enter a room without a key you need and can't get out again. I could just start over, and I am willing to, but the game won't let me erase my progress and start over.

This game needs overhauling before it's playable. It really is too bad because it's quite fun.

Competent but bugs keep it from being higher

The game felt alot like old school Zelda so it was a little refreshing if retro. However the main problems I have with it are its bugs. In one room after killing an octopus giraffe and a chest appears if you jump on the chest you'll get stuck and can't get out. Not to mention after suffering the black screen after rescuing the Princess on the 2nd run through, on my 3rd attempt I save her and wait till the countdown appeared and it still says she was stuck in the cage.

Needless to say I doubt I can fully complete the game until that is fixed which is a shame and doubtful to happen at this point.

All in all good game but better bug squashing was needed for the end product.

many errors

Nice idea - not very new or sth. ... but at least nice.

Its really slow on my machine (maybe i got an old Flashplayer ... but its still slow).
loading of next scenes takes ages and killing mobs always comes with a lag.

But there are some bigger bugs which should be dealed with: Sometimes i can jump outside of the scene (of cause i have to reload the whole castle -.-)
And sometimes i can jump on a Box and got stucked (again ... i can reload ... but who wants that if you are half way done?)

Pretty, but buggy.

I encountered a bug in the second room I entered! I killed an enemy and a chest appeared... on top of me. I was somehow transported outside of the room's walls with no way back in. Moving off screen does nothing. I'm trapped!

I love the art style and the [alleged] dungeon crawling. It would be a shame to see it all go to waste for a few glitches.