Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

F this game

you guys are being too generous with your reviews. i've had all the same problems everyone else has had, but i guess i'm just not as forgiving as everyone else is. especially coming from a big flash game producer like armor games, you'd think you could expect at least a FUNCTIONING product. i mean, if it was made by some no name guy, i could understand it being so glichy. but c'mon armor games, didn't you do any testing before you put this out? no one can even finish the game as far as i can tell, that seems like something you should have probably fixed before you put the game out.

and bugs aside, the puzzles in this game are moronic. oh, look at me, i jumped across all these blocks, and then i jumped on this button, and then i got a gem. now i'm going to go do this thirty more times throughout the game, and there's going to be no change in this format whatsoever.

only redeeming value of this game is a unique idea, with the castle being randomized every playthrough. i thought that was kind of neat. other than that, this game is a waste.

hmm......is it just me

Great game.....so far no bug or glitch & was able to complete the game......guess i was lucky . great game man

Can't even complete the game

Sorry, it's a great game but I can't see myself giving this anything higher than a six due to how buggy this game is. The game itself isn't the problem, it has a good concept with solid graphics. However, I'm never able to complete this game due to the fact that I always experience a bug or glitch that prevents me from progressing forward. One of the glitches I experience the most is getting stuck on a chest. The game has potential but it feels as if it wasn't even beta tested before release.


Enjoyable.... but buggy.

I played through the game twice...

I got stuck on a chest once during my second playthrough...
and somehow did not earn the Medals for finding a Gold key or for defeating Thrash in either playthrough... I know I got a gold key both times, as well as defeated the boss.

Bugs aside...
The gameplay itself felt a little clunky...
sounds were alright...
graphics were cute...
story was good...

All in all it was a decent game.
...and overall I rate it a 7/10!

Thanks for sharing!

Coolstory bro!

As already been said it is FILLED UP with different sorts of bugs. Hare are the few I faced:

arrows shooting from walls are not always directed the way they fly, some treasures that are unexpected to be stood on are impossible to jump off, shopping scroll sometimes disables itself when it still is needed, and after all I've collected ALL MEDALS on NG thow it took me 3 times to walk through ALL this mad castle I think I deserved to see the HAPPY ENDING which I DIDN'T! I defeated the boss 3-rd time, got the 9999-ring opening the cage, reading dialog, escaping with a maid on my hands, and then FREAKING READING THAT SHE'S STILL THERE IN THE CASTLE DRINKING WINE! What is THAT supposed to mean?

Also The sound design is TERRIBLE! Whith all the respect to Ockeroid the way sounds knoced each other (I mean the program way it fades) is so boring and insanely stupid.
The block-particles are fun to see, but so hard to play on: the layer-system is so much unobvious! So there is pretty much none to say about all the other graphical design.. really poor quality, BUT... STILL THE GAME DESERVES MY VERY GRATEFULL 4/5 + 7/10 ONLY BECAUSE OF THE GAMEPLAY! Are the lyrics done so aufull on purpose? Voice-actor made it SO WIERD! HOWEVER THIS GAME ALSO DESERVES THE NEXT CHAPTER!

Guys, sorry for this long and self-confronting commentary, also sory for my bad english, but that is the FIRST time in my life a GAME breaks up such a war between different feelings in my mind and soul.. and the heart still wnts to see the happy ending))

P.S.: The hour-coundown timer reminded me.. I guess it reminded me what you wanted it to remind)) The old Princ of Persia...))