Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

Decent, but flawed

I love dungeon crawlers, but this game feels like it was rushed. Enemies were sparse and easy, the store was mostly useless, there was no penalty for falling in the water, and the timer was too long. On the other hand, the puzzles were a little simple but did require some thought, the music was catchy and the graphics were nice. Little tweaks here and there and this could be great.

Not bad...

...But it certainly could be better.
Concept and art are fine and all, but the motion really bugs me.

Nice game but

Far too many bugs. I had to reset my game quite a few times as I would get stuck on top of boxes or be in a never ending white screen near the boss, that kind of thing. Pressing M while doing an action makes the character do it over and over in the background while you look at the map.

Some gameplay warnings: There aren't enough keys to go around, so decide which doors you want carefully.
Another issue I encountered was that once you craft the cursed ring, you can accidentally sell it! It sells for 9999, but you can only hold 999 and you will be unable to get it back. I had to farm it twice because of this. It seems to have saved instantly so I was also unable to reload and undo the transaction.