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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

It's a pretty good game, but there are a few additions that would make it much better, and less of a hassle.
1) Add a option to buy multiple troops at once. It's hell on the hand to click something repeatedly several hundred times in a row.
2) Add a option to trade multiple resources at once. It takes too long to just sit there holding the button, especially when you're wanting to sell your 500,000 lumber that you have no use for.
3) Add a option to build multiple buildings at once. Like with buying troops, it's annoying having to click the same thing repeatedly.
4) Increased loot drops from dungeons would be nice. It's almost not even worth doing the dungeons. No, scratch that, it is pointless to do the dungeons. You get almost nothing out of them other than maybe a handful of gems and mushrooms if you're lucky. But it doesn't take long until you're able to just buy tons of those.
5) The random events are a nice touch, but the way they are handled is kind of annoying, especially when they pop up in the middle of you bulk hiring troops. Maybe add a separate menu for them that just records them, and you can check them as you see fit? I also didn't like that the events halted resource gathering until you clicked close.

That's all I can think of. Those changes would make this game way more fun. That said, I still spent several hours playing this. I regret nothing.

I'm trying to find just how many troops you need for the final battle, and its heaps. the hardest battle otherwise doesnt take much at all, but i just failed the final with 1000 knights, 1000 boggin rogues, 150 destroyers and 200 sun clerics. it says the air support is what cut me down but the best ranger requires fruit, which is the most bothersome resource to gather, the only effective way to get it is through the trade.
Ok, the way to win really though, buy lumbermills and Hovels, as many as you can, keep buying them as the resources come in as they only take coin and lumber respectively. Once you have enough lumbermills to basically buy hovels non-stop, do so. do this for... a while, i earned about 500,000 exp before i first restarted. when you restart you get gold, silver, iron, stone, and lumber equal to your exp, so all your buildings are made pretty quickly, and you have enough for most types of troops.
Reading through the comments most flaws have been outlined already, but i'll put in my 2cents.
1: bulk buy troops and trades (maybe even bulk buy hovels)
2: send all (for all troop types)
3: a faster way to earn fruit/ale/cheese (although ale and cheese arent as important here)
4: the magic, a way to save magic you've found, also... does it even do anything? saw no noticeable difference with most of the spells.
5: a way to dismiss heros

a couple of things ive noticed
1: random events dont occur on any screen other than building screen
2: a couple of typos i cant remember, except one for the description of the Destroyer. (survived hundreds ON battles on his own)

Really fun game but its too hard to get gray stone and you need it for soooo much. Even if you have the best mining area you dont get that much.

I love this game, but, how do you do for win iron ?

Couple of issues:
1- The trade obviously, needs a mass trade amount then just the hold button
2- When you leave the game, even when saved, and return later... you have to build the whole place up again and recruit your troops again.
3- needs a bit more explaining about the spell/conjuring thing
4- stats of the troops don't seem to match with the reports or those you need to face in the quests
5 - maybe a bit more interaction with the heroes you pick?
6 - other methods to get shrooms, ale, and gems besides the trade
7 - needs a SEND ALL troops button, not just only for the groups
8 - maybe some enemy invasion to help spice things up, like having to make two or more troop squads with the other captains then the one you're using for questing

Otherwise, for a test game, this was awesome. Just tweak those things and had an awesome plot line toward the final battle and this will rock.