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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

dark eternal

THis area is my area! boggin rouges lurk on it! AND this game is boring

Needs work.

While seeing your town grow into full city is fun and all, progressing in the game is very, very slow.

- Getting enough materials to build some of the houses is already a pain, and when trying to get The Keep? 5000 stone??? :O I did manage by buying as much stone as possible, but...
- ...buying is slow. Reaaall slow. Needs "buy 100/x" or similar
- Amount of troops and tools and leader weapons/armor is pretty large, so good job with that, however, not sure how on earth I'm supposed to get 50 gems for just one weapon when everything good requires so many gems/mushrooms and cost so much gold
- Artwork and menus are done good
- No save is kind of lame, but I restarted at some point and had pretty many starting resources, so I guess it ain't that bad. It also saved my exp, but not sure what it is for

Confused... I had my army of gnomes, destroyers, maulers, thumpers, thieves, boggin rogues and henchmen with bunch of food, water, medkit etc. to go into the "endless dungeon" and I had my first defeat. All my troops, gone. I decided I have to step it up so I spent a LOOOONG TIME holding the "buy stone" button to get that 5000 stone to get the Keep. I made 2 Hedge Mages and 11 Knights, even bigger army of gnomes etc. than last one and upgraded my leader's weapon to healing staff which apparently should be pretty good. Also gave them good tools again.

I got my *** kicked.
And I don't know why.
Especially when Knight's stats seem so high!
(Wait, that rhymes?)

Pretty much killed the game for me at that point, since I used so much gold to just get those 11 knights, so I just figured to restart to see how many starting resources I get (that part about restarting above) so I can do this review.

In short: It's good, but it has some flaws that take away from the experience. I gave it a good go, played some hours. Favorite troop: Destroyer (up to the part when I went to dungeon, untill that they killed everything.)

"More people, more income." Oh. Guess I missed that part reading description before. Ah well.

4/5, 7/10


this game is good but the trading is kinda you know 1 gold for 100 silver and 100 gold for 1 wood


i love this game,but you aleardy handle a save file,to save experience and extra money,is saving handle

love it but found 1 thing

Needs a save feature cuz i spent some time workn on this turned off my computer for the night then the next day logged in an had to start over kinda sucked but game is fun to play storys are halarious like when larz throws henchmen into traps allways funny