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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"


The whole "Experience" kind of save thing was interesting, until a light bulb went on and I just kept reloading the game to build hovels and repeat to build it up.

This game was a good time waster

Clunky interface made it a bit slow to get into but I certainly wasted a good few hours playing this game. Nice job"


All the time i thought how to get my iron and rock up easier, but then i realised the easisest way is xp, 50k xp and i had 50k of all i need at start, iron and rock being the most needed for me xD Great game bus as people under me hawe said the ability to mass buy would be great, and posibly wall and defense upgrades, like rock wall , extra towers or better towers ,mby some upgrades that make easier dealing with certain unit tipes, and enchantments didnt seem to help much at all, i always got overwhelmed by air, even with like 5k archers and exploding enchanted arrows, i would get loosing in numbers to hordes, but i was decimated by air suport every single goddamn time, no matter what kind they archers or whatever they had destroyed my army my archers and everithingggggg, also the enchantment see in darkness doesnt work since even with it all my units died in a dark place, untill i got an torch. Oh and yea darkness without lanters or torches is intant death for some inexplicable reason -___-

Hyptosis responds:

You CAN survive without torches or lanterns, but there are huge penalties.

Fun, but improve the trading

I really enjoyed the game. A simple Sim City-like town builder with a quest coordination system. Awesome! I have a problem though, and that's with the trading.

Realizing that almost nothing costs cheese, I sold a bunch of it, used that gold to buy silver, and used that silver to build 100 lumber mills. You can imagine that after that, the trading room was all I needed to get all my resources. The problem I had was that you can't sell your goods fast enough. When holding down the mouse, I still gained way more wood than I could sell. This made all my transactions take a long time.

Next time have a numeric input so I can just sell my 10,000 extra wood all at once, rather than watching it increase while I kept my finger on my mouse button.

Also, I just realized I said "next time" as if you are definitely making a similar game in the future. I don't know if you are, but if you do bear this in mind.

Hyptosis responds:

I am! And thanks for the feedback! ^_^

Great Game!

I beat the game with 30,000 men, maybe i over killed the demon king himself. just a tips to some guys trying to beat the game. try building your troops to 10,000 and make sure you bring henchmen which are fodder to that your main troops will not get killed before the battle starts and also bring lots of boggin rogues and thieves they are very useful against traps they help fight as range units if you don't have one yet in your army and also bring more hard hitter troops such as destroyers, Battle masters, gladiators, maulers, don't forget the knights because they are the bad ass units that could take a lot of hits. also if you have gnomes they are very useful in battles especially in long range attacks. plus mages and clerics to heal your wounded troops and to burn your enemies. and the most important hero is the one who could lead troops so I used Rothus because of his great skill in leading troops to battle and he saved more lives of his men if they got themselves trapped. I equip him with acidic blade and Dragon bone helmet. and bring along with you med kits, healing potions, dogs, whetstone(for sharping the blades of your troops), warhorse, silk ropes, mules, wagons, feed, backpack. Thats how a beat the Game with over miscalculated troops ofcourse. hope this helps everyone trying to beat the game =p