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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

It's definitely a work in progress.

The main things I would recommend would be a tutorial and some sort of time management system (speed up, slow down, pause)

Getting resources is rather slow, but it's even slower when you don't even realize that there are buildings to increase production early on. I would definitely direct the player to buying a lumber yard when they start out. I don't think that there was even a way to raise stone production either.

Leaders would probably be better off chosen before the game even starts. Aside from resetting in game, you don't really use the leader screen past your initial picking, but bad events can still happen while a person reads all of their details and weighs on who to keep.

Finally, when it comes to missions, it's not easy to tell if one should send 10 or 50 people. There's no real indication on how many people to send. Figuring out what type of units to use was fine though.

Not gameplay related, but the option to name your guild/guild leader would be nice as well.

The one bug I did notice was being unable to reset my experience points after a certain point. It worked once before, but not after I finished two missions and was around 700 or so exp.

This game is enjoyable, and I can see it being even better in the future as well.

It's a good time waster..

The issue I ran into is that most dungeons beyond the moderate difficulty require you to send a good number of ranged units, yet the only ranged units are prohibitively expensive. Requiring mushrooms, gems and the like. You can trade for what you need, but I found moving my resources around kind of annoying. For example: I need silver so I can buy stone. I have extra cheese, so I hold the mouse button to sell cheese for 5 gold. Then I hold the mouse button to trade gold for silver, then silver for stone. It would have been easier if I could elect to trade in greater quantities. I would also consider allowing for partial failure in missions. Every time you fail a dungeon everyone dies without exception. I am grateful my men are willing to die for the cause, but discretion is the better part of valor, right? Got a bit tedious going through and recruiting replacements every time my lack of ranged soldiers got my entire army killed.

Overall I say this is a good game. I had fun, and isn't that what's really important?

Emmm :/

That game is not for me, 4\5 be happy cause i love help humans. :)

I think it's good

Good Job!!!!!!