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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

I thought I'd have to rate this a 4 or lower, because of the intro message. However after playing I see that it's a really fun management game! I love these types of games, however it does get a bit repetitive, so just bear in mind it can get you into a rut sometimes.

Great game, especially for a first time! The resource clickfest was annoying but overall I enjoyed the game and reading the battle reports. I never personally lost any battles but after reading comments from those who did, I think future games need some sort of retreat option. Either let the player specify how many troops to lose before retreating, or let the player watch the fight and choose retreat manually.

Comment for players wondering what size force can win, I won the last fight with 1000 knights, 300 Clerics, 50 Mages, 800 Gnomes, 500 Warriors, 100 Boggins. Cinnacat was the leader with White Staff and Cave Harness, the minor heal all spell was in effect (4 leaves), and the gear included healing potions, dogs, warhorses, whetstones, ammo, along with rope/map/lantern/feed and backpacks/mules/wagons. I am surprised I did not lose a single troop in the last fight since comments below show players used much larger forces and lost.

I wonder if the larger forces people lost with might have had issues with combining knights and clerics with slave/gladiators or thieves?

Hyptosis responds:

Great ideas!

Still playing this game to idle time years after its release.
Interesting idea making a game that you're "not" supposed to beat though..........

Really good game, although,as you probably have already heard, somewhat difficult in accumulating resources. Man , I spent 2 days making soldiers and building, only to have my power cut and losing all my data :( anyway, good job, and I may also say that I like this one better than the second game: Guild Dungeon 2. Keep it up ;)

A really good game, although the "Trade" was a bit of a pain until I found out, that when changing Windows while holding the Mouse-Button pressed the buying/selling doesn't stop (until you hover over the game again). bug or feature? I don't care, but it really helped me.

Hyptosis responds:

Haha, that is not really a bug, it's just kinda a flash thing. Pretty awesome observation! :D I like it!