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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

one of the best game Ive ever played only three things could have been added a fast button and the henchmens should be able to carry more and when you buy troops you can put how many you want to buy at a time

i understand and like your intro....i want to be a game programmer too, keep it up and i hope your next game is better

A fantastic game. I've been on it for an hour and I'm still playing. There are a few problems with the game that I've encountered:
-When sending heroes on quests,some of the heroes can't be unequipped. For example,I'll start by sending Ern,then I'll unequip him and select Rundle. I then cannot unequip Rundle. He's the only hero so far I've encountered this on.

-The game screen is just a TINY bit bigger then my screen. I don't know if this is just a problem on my computer but it makes going on missions a little annoying. I have to scroll down every time and hit close,then scroll back up.

-The marketplace could use a little polishing. Maybe adding a x50 buy/sell button? Getting enough stone for the keep takes a little bit.

I have to say,I like your game very much. The economic/military/RPG element mix was great. The hero characters were well made and made me strategize according to the mission type. The game is very in-depth,making me think whether I should use my remaining supply space to send lanterns or sleeping bags,which do my troops need more? I don't see a lot of games that cause me to do that and yours is a very refreshing find.
A great game. Can I hope for a sequel?

With an army of 1200 henchmen, 440 boggins, 880 soldiers, 440 battle masters, 440 thumpers, 440 maulers, 660 gnomes, 50 mages, 220 clerics, and 220 knights, plus having the Dragon Mask I still failed. Really disappointed.
Good game though. Needs minor improvements. Had to click over 15000 times to buy all the troops and facilities, not to mention the time I had to wait during market transactions.
Tip for those disliking getting resources from quests:
First you build as much lumber mills as possible (300 is enough), then you wait the lumber income at tremendous rate. Then build as much houses as possible (I had 10000, which got me over 10000 gold per one taxation). Now just keep active inside the game field and wait for the riches. (If you go idle or switch to another tab or window, the game won't yield as much money)

Awesome game.