Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

I liked it...

But it's taking all my willpower not to give you zero because of the amount of rage you've just given me.
So, I got to the last screen with 11/12 letters, figuring if this was the end then there would be some way back to get the last one.
There isn't. I'm trapped. After playing this game for half an hour, there's no way back to find the last letter. So there's no way of finding out if I missed a secret ending.
If I'm wrong, please tell me.
If I'm right, then screw you. Let this comment serve as a warning to fellow completionists.


Not bad but not as good as the first one...

Not as good as other KLOM games

Yes, this does develop the story that is developing in the series, but there was little valuable game play in this version. Part of characterized the series was the upgrades,exploration, and challenging rooms, similar to metroid type games. This game was not very challenging and was short. I hope KLOM 3 is more like the original.

will there be a third game? (probably not but I really want a third game because the ending to this one was really, really, really depressing, and super unsatisfying.)

im disapointed

sorry "the-EXP" but the 1st game was amazing. and this one was challenging too but the story wasnt as good, i didnt quite got the ending, maybe mother and daddy wanted to make sis a robot or something. im sorry to say that the story disappointed me but i give 5 stars for the challenge :).