Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Good game...

But not as good as the original. As someone else has mentioned before, overall the game play felt rather short, especially compared to the original. Furthermore, I felt that the tone of this one was much darker compared with the original. Maybe it was just that it seemed that there was less humor, but were Mother in the first game felt like Glados from Portal, Father was lacking the pithy insulting commentary that made Mother so memorable. Also, I didn't particularly care for the 2 character gameplay. I understand that you were doing it to introduce more complicated puzzles, but the way that the second character would default to following you in every new room mean that I was constantly forgetting to split them again and resulted with me getting a lot more deaths than I should have. Simply put, it was a good game, better than most I've played, but it lacked that special something that the original had. Hope the next sequel recaptures the feeling of the first game and improves upon it.


unbelivable how much awesomeness went into this! keep up the daily games!

I dont get the final message

I love this kind of games... just beautiful.... but... anyone can tell me what is the final message >.<!

K.O.L.M 3

K.O.L.M 3 should be massive! This game felt too short... i loved it though, stupid parents killing robby D: i can imagine a boss fight against one of the parents


i really found this awesome.