Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

a glitch/bug

I found anything I get somthing, I can't make the notice go away....so I can't move my character or anything...I have to keyboard smash until I find some key that let's me escape

Slow, dull and short

Mmmm, the sequel to a decent metroidvania is short, linear and has few and upgrades are nothing but GO HERE NOW signs. Not feelin it. Music was good, visuals were ok but nothing else really worked.

The level design was pretty dull, especially the enemy placement in Mom's area. Complete non-threats that serve no purpose but to waste the player's time. The addition of the sister didn't really add much, since by the time you have her you hit but a single puzzle requiring her existence, which is blindingly obvious how to solve.

Overall this felt like it could easily have just been the intro cutscene to a real sequel without losing anything.


the ending is the only problem, stories should always end happy.


Wow the end was CRAP you enter the bain of your own existence find your voicebox while being monitered by your "mom" find your sister endure 2 hard challenges and then, you die that IS CRAP!!!!! And to all, there will not be a sequel they just killed you thats the part where they kill you so game over you lost the game. And you get hints on challenge mode anyways.


:| look at the background i realy like the game but idk its tuu rtyd......