Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Fun but not as great as the first

Lets start off by saying I love Metroidvania style games. This one just wasnt the same. You had all the powerups from the first, and there were only like 3 new items. Then backtracking into the old area, was dissapointing because it was all a breeze due to you having all the powerups from there. I saw a lot of new potential for the game when I got the power to walk in sunlight, but then the game fell flat. Hopefully you will do a third one and make it more like the original.

Great game but.....

It was way too short, the first one took me quite a bit longer than this one did. Either way still a great game.

If it was longer I'd give it a ten.

The story was good in this one as it was in the other, however I felt that it was far too easy compared to the first, I was expecting the game to be longer, and there weren't many puzzles that I saw that used both the girl and little Robby. I hope that the third one though, finishes up this great story.

A worthy sequel...

I stumbled upon this game one day, not even knowing there was a first part of this game. When I figured it out, I decided to play that one first before attempting to tackle this one.

I would probably say the same things I did in my first K.O.L.M. review; atmospheric yet charming but somewhat sad in a way. I'm guessing it's because of the music and the sheer loneliness this game conveys to me.

I'm glad you decided to continue the story. The inclusion of Father seemed like it would complicate things, especially after revisiting Mother's facility and reading her opinion about it.

I was strangely intrigued by it, but I just knew something bad would happen at the end. And I was right. There are still things I don't really understand about the family, but I hope there's a better, happier ending to this series. I just feel like I should do something for the kids and I hope I get to do that.

I like the gameplay was expanded, even if only a little, particularly in the team tag area. It was also a relief to find out that the robot has every upgrade from the first game and not mysteriously lose them like so many other games do.

Did I say robot? I might as well call him by his real name from now on. Robby has probably the sweetest voice a robot can have. His 'Hello!' is just adorable to listen to and his sister Abigail is just as sweet. Oh wow, I think I just got teary eyed.

Still a pain to play on a QWERTZ but I can live with it.

I hope K.O.L.M. 3 will be just as awesome as the previous two entries. I really want to see Robby and Abigail back together.

P.S. To all those reviewers who mentioned seeing a face on a black screen when you're changing the screens... thank you very much! Now I can't sleep anymore.

Good game, bad ending.

Im sorry but there seems to be a bad ending, a games ending should always be good unless its an alternate ending. There is also a glitch at the end where if you be prepared to bomb the platform and you bomb it and you try to jump across you will stop and fall into the pit.