Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

I can't wait for K.O.L.M.3

I'll kill those bastards. THERE WILL BE BLOOD! RAAAAHHH!! :axe:

Haha, great game!


This was better then the first =D it seemed a little shorter though, i hope theres a third

One of the greatest games around

Pure ten.

Armor games, shut up and take my money! This is game quality i'd be willing to part $$$ for! Seriously! Put some donate button or something!!!

Saw the game listed, and instantly creamed my pants. It did not disappoint. Presentation and music are just great. Platforming is as good as ever and the mechanics breathe new air to this game. Another great feature was the difficulty selection, enjoyed beating the game without any hand holding!

You made my day today with this game. Games such as this is the reason I play flash games. A stroke of brilliance and please, let there be other parts to this series! KEEP THEM COMING!!! Thank you!

Much better than part 1.

Although part 1 was good, this game is so much better. I love the gameplay and puzzle element when you get your sister. Though I found a spot on Camera 10 where you can get stuck. If you come down from the room above (by the beam of light) and crawl into the hole just on your left you can't get out. Though it's not a huge deal to just quit and continue.

Oh...My...God...Do a 3 >.< i need know what happen also funny score -238 >.< great music keep with that! >.<