Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

The-EXP, you ruined my student life.

You released K.O.L.M.'s first installation on the day I should study for my final exams, AND you did it again with this one. How am I suppose to read boring books when there is a sequel of the most perfect storytelling game ever waiting for me to play it?

great game

but why does kolm sometimes move differently then what i want him to

Can't wait for the 3rd installment

I loved the game and it was a great improvment from the first in all regards except that it was shorter. I loved using the girl and going into all the previous rooms to see if i could reach anything different with her. I think it's scary that the character is a robot and his sister still appears to be human.

I didn't like how you can beat the game without all the upgrades. i didn't need the girls air tank to beat that 3rd last room which i felt I cheated the room. and it's not the only room i did that in.

including ico

not exactly sure that that means...

CREEPY FACE... btw, great game, really amazing!

Beautiful graphics and story, I really loved this one and the first.

By the way, what's up with the face? I've only noticed it because of a guy's commment down here. I'm glad I've finished the game before seeing it, it creeped me out!!
People, if you haven't seen the face, look carefully at the screen, more to the right, at screen transitions. Hair, creepy eyes and probably a nose. Then you'll notice it's always been there from the very beginning of the game :-|

Waiting for K.O.L.M. 3!

This this awesome!

Anyway, poor girl =( No way she would be turned into a robot! Don't do that, The-EXP!

Guys, by the way, have you seen woman's face when changing the rooms? Try looking on the black background the moment you're loading the other room! Man, when I saw it, I've almost sh--ed the brick...