Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Want More!

Now i want to know hot this story is end even more. I can't sleep at night :(

I think i found a bug

This game was really nice.
I like those kids talking to each other "your turn" sooo cute.
Its a good to have all "old" upgrades and don't need to find and plug them in again.
The light-/water thing is good, too!

I found a tiny error at lights:
when you kill a mob who is in the light-beam, his shadow remains and can be still used by robo. (looks a bit strange, when there is a shadow without a reason anymore).
I killed a little bug-like enemy on camera 6 when it crawls up the wall in light.

Sorry for bad english.

awesome, but...

Every time I find an item or powerup, the game freezes up. the dialog continues to advance, but the game window is stuck on the "You have found _____" screen. I can pause it and quit, but that does nothing, even when starting a new game. I have to reload the page every time I find something. Please fix this bug!

Nice and all...

I got stuck after I played for a while.
I was able to crouch and enter a space that was 3 blocks high, and 1 block wide with the entrance (1 block high) at the top right. When I fell down there I couldn't get back up since you can't jump while crouched, or crouch while jumping.

No suicide button or any means to restart/reset the room...leaving me no choice but to either restart the game or quit playing.

No wait...quitting the game and then continue worked....I'm now free from the space that trapped me...however...not good to have a space you can't get out from like that =/

Is anyone else seeing a face in the computer monitors... that shit made me jump ngl

A more story-based successor than the first game, not a bad thing however.