Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

The Awaiting of K.O.L.M. 2

This is a great game similailer to Metroid Prime and so on i think that your character needs more upgrades than the ones used in the game otherwise i rate this game to be about a 9.5

Plus points on storyline, minus on gameplay

I have to admit, when I played the original KOLM, I enjoyed the game, but my first reaction was: "A platformer in which the main character is guided by an unseen female voice who later turns out to be evil - *yet another* Portal rip-off?
This time around, however, you definitely added a lot of depth to the story. KOLM II broke away from the basic "evil guide" storyline and added two new characters, probing into the backstory and raising a lot of questions. Why is Robert a robot? Exactly what kind of family does he have? And why does everything feel so post-apocalyptic? This game did a very good job setting a mood, from the unique camera perspectives to the music.

The story is the reason I liked this game and rated it decently well. Because honestly, the gameplay was lacking. In the original KOLM you had to work for everything - you even had to find an upgrade to be able to see properly. In this game, it feels like everything is just given to you - you start with triple jump and shooting abilities. Nothing posed a real challenge; the puzzles were easy and the enemies were a joke. I did like the 2 character puzzles, but I felt you only really got to use it to solve two or three decent puzzles. It was really short compared to the first KOLM, also.

So I think the story has improved to a degree that KOLM II warrants a recommendation, but I'm hoping that KOLM III is longer and more challenging.

Really a good game, but...

the ending was somewhat disappinting.

there better be a 3 where she rebuilds him....

....or something cause that was lame

I wanted to like this as much as the first, but I couldn't, because it simply isn't nearly as good as the first. It's far shorter, easier, and the plot makes less sense. The 2 new mechanics introduced are only used 2, maybe 3 times. The ending was unsatisfying, and since it doesn't lock your controls when you enter the final room, you can just bomb the floor to suicide, which causes the dialogue to get a bit weird and repetitious. I'm sorry, dracofulmen, but you're wrong... nothing about this is better than the first, not a single thing.

The-EXP responds:

Shit game everyone sucks 4/5 :p