Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Really Good

To me, it seemed quite morbid, even heart-wrenching at times.
Assuming that was the intent, it was great, just as good as the first.

Love it

I love this. I really like how you manage to keep the gameplay new and innovative. I say that because you still manage to add new elements without removing the old one (except total invulnerability). I like how you reused the old levels with a new touch in it, how you keep up the suspense with mother and father. I like the character of the sister and I really enjoyed the puzzle you had to think with the two of them. How rob is weak to light and sister to water and how you must find your way through all this. I liked the voices, the graphic filters, the graphic of the sister who was humanoïd but only outlined to fit the general feeling. Ho, and the music rocks.

Everything is perfect and ...ho? what? Already finished? But..but... I've just got sister and it was so much fun! I was expecting more puzzles than that!

So yeah, the game is too short I feel, probably compared to the first. The end did not displeased me and brings a lot of ideas of what could be the next episode. However, I'd like to tell you that right when I returned into the old cave, I was expecting an ending where you would have to choose between father or mother. And later, when I found sister, I told myself that it would be a 3 way ending : alone with your sister, with your father or with your mother. It seems you have other plans and I can't wait to see them but I wanted to share anyway.

Excellent game, I reaaallly enjoyed my 30 minutes of gameplay and I thank for making and sharing this.

Really fun, but is it a bug?

Great game! I had fun playing it, not too long, and not too short - a big thing many game devs get wrong on here. I really don't want to waste hours on NG, it's for quick fix games.

The positives:

*The level design (chamber/room/play area - whatever) was really good.
*The storytelling was good, a little lacking in substance, but you can expect more from a game as short as this.
*Like always the visuals of the game is impeccable. It really amazes me what some people can achieve with Flash.
*The sound/music was impeccable - well done!

And now for two issues I had with the game - and here is where I say


The mechanics of controlling two characters makes the game more challenging, and forces you think differently about levels, and how you should go about working together with yourself - I like that a lot.

It seems flawed to me though:

When you go into another chamber with only one character, the other automatically appears next to you in the other chamber, regardless of where it was in the previous chamber. This makes it possible to complete a chamber doable by only one character (only water or only light), and have the other character join you on the other side. It feels like I'm abusing some glitch or bug in the game whenever I'm doing it, and it seems like the author intended the levels to be done like that?

The other problem is the 2nd or 3rd last room, where you have to make the girl stand on a far ledge in the sunlight to cast a sliver of shadow only big enough to prevent Rob from frying in the sun. Once again it feels like I'm abusing the game - "hacking" a chamber - almost like it's bad level design.


Aside from those two things, I congratulate you on a fantastic game. I do not know what you do for a living, but I hope it's somewhere along the lines of this, otherwise it would be a waste of some serious talent.

Cute + Good Story = Epic Game

This game is yet another example of how you don't need billion dollar graphics to make a good game. Take a few bits, add in a good story, give them a character who is easy to identify with, and you've got yourself a good game.

It's a simple game, with many platforming elements. You're up-gradable: certain areas cannot be reached until you've unlocked abilities.

I'm not a platforming aficionado, so this isn't exactly my favorite game style, but I kept coming back for more based on the plot & the overall cuteness.

Good game but dash controls are really annoying