Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

K.O.L.M 3

K.O.L.M 3 should be massive! This game felt too short... i loved it though, stupid parents killing robby D: i can imagine a boss fight against one of the parents


i almost said bull sh!t

really good...

except if your determined you can skip straight to the end once u find sister. Cant wait for the third.


I really did not expect a sequel to K.O.L.M but when I stumbled across it I was not necessarily expecting much. K.O.L.M is to Mass Effect as Mass Effect 2 is to K.O.L.M 2. The music is enchanting. The story is so captivating; you really feel sorrow towards the little robot. The gameplay is difficult but not so hard that it is impossibly frustrating. I love that you keep the skills from the first K.O.L.M. This game is pure Flash art and what most Flash artists should strive to accomplish. Well done!

very cool

Very cool game.With very good gameplay and awesome soundtrack and rooms

@guy about me KOLM looks like metroid cause it's name is KindOfLikeMetroid