Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Really Good

To me, it seemed quite morbid, even heart-wrenching at times.
Assuming that was the intent, it was great, just as good as the first.

Cute + Good Story = Epic Game

This game is yet another example of how you don't need billion dollar graphics to make a good game. Take a few bits, add in a good story, give them a character who is easy to identify with, and you've got yourself a good game.

It's a simple game, with many platforming elements. You're up-gradable: certain areas cannot be reached until you've unlocked abilities.

I'm not a platforming aficionado, so this isn't exactly my favorite game style, but I kept coming back for more based on the plot & the overall cuteness.

!Pure art..1

zAmazing. From the escher-esque landscapes to the grainy film game play, this game is cool. Multidimensional and tasty eye candy. great job.z


gameplay 9
music 10
story 9

Good game but dash controls are really annoying