Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

there better be a 3 where she rebuilds him....

....or something cause that was lame

Great game but.....

It was way too short, the first one took me quite a bit longer than this one did. Either way still a great game.

i found the message

i only got 6/12 but i know it says "including you" right :D great game btw

Amazing game!

Amazing atomospheric music. I thought the lighting was very impressive. Plenty of place to explore. 10/10.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of moronic reviews. Too short? Only if you used the hint system. Playing without hints leaves much more room to wander. Sister doesn't have a name? Yes she does. It's Abigail. Cliffhanger ending? That's to make us want KOLM 3.

This is a wonderful, wonderful game that lives up to its prequel.

Can you feel it?

can you feel that guys?
lots and lots of sequels
im watting 4 kolm 3